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The new updated & Revised MTG Foundation Course series, curated by a team of competent academicians involved in the making of highly recognised books, offers you a complete study package to ace and excel in school as well as competitive exams. With its simple yet illustrative presentation, it imparts long-lasting understanding of concepts to lay a strong foundation for exams, like boards, Olympiads, NTSE, JEE, etc. Concepts are explained in well-structured and lucid manner, in the form of comprehensive theory followed by illustrations, NCERT activities and solved examples, concept maps which will help students to develop the necessary application and problem-solving skills. Key features: 1. Road map that gives direction about the learnt and new concepts by relating the chapters and topics of previous and current Class. Ultimately giving step-by-step guidance for JEE preparation. 2. Easy to grasp theory which covers all the NCERT content along with competition window in between the theory to give an extra edge to your preparation. 3. Theory is complemented with illustrations, NCERT activities and do you know sections. 4. Concept map provided with each br>Chapter helps in effective recapitulation of the content. 5. Solved examples have been included to clear the concepts involved. 6. Solved exercises of NCERT Textbook are covered with added information for better grades. 7. Practice exercise consists of various types of questions like: multiple choice questions (Level-1 & Level-2), match the following, Assertion & Reason type, comprehension type, integer/numerical value type, subjective problems (VSA, SA-I, SA-II, LA). 8. Olympiad/HOTS corner covering questions from various Olympiads/talent Search exams like IMO, NTSE, etc. With their detailed solutions. 9. Practice papers (for CBSE Board and JEE Main) are also given at the end of booklet based on the same pattern and level for more practice. Content:-1. Real numbers 2. Polynomials 3. Pair of linear Equations in two Variables 4. Quadratic Equations 5. Arithmetic Progressions 6. Triangles 7. Co-ordinate Geometry 8. Introduction to Trigonometry 9. Some applications of Trigonometry 10. Circles 11. Constructions 12. Areas related to circles 13. Surface areas and volumes 14. Statistics 15. Probability solutions practice papers (for CBSE Board and JEE Main).