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BODY STORY – BAD TASTE – Have you ever wondered what happens to your body in a crisis – a car accident, for example, or an acute allergic reaction? Would you like to know why the cabbage-soup diet doesn’t work, or why eating a chicken can lead to an experience not unlike an alien invasion? How do we get through adolescence, when it sometimes seems as if our bodies are rioting and our brains have given up altogether? The award-winning series Body Story reveals the biological drama behind six critical moments in human lives. Mike Small is in big trouble. Body Story reveals the inside story of food poisoning, as computer graphics allow us to witness the invasion of his gut by millions of tiny salmonella bacteria. They’ve only got one aim – to breed. Mike’s body fights back – with cells that slither across his gut lining to take on the bacteria, and with cruder methods to flush the bacteria out – in either direction. As the battle gets increasingly ugly, Mike’s latest assignment – taking the snaps for a frozen vegetable company calendar – looks like it might be flushed down the pan