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BODY STORY – BRAVE NEW WORLD – Have you ever wondered what happens to your body in a crisis – a car accident, for example, or an acute allergic reaction? Would you like to know why the cabbage – soup diet doesn’t work, or why eating a chicken can lead to an experience not unlike an alien invasion? How do we survive when we arrive in this world with our brains only half- formed? And how do we get through adolescence, when it sometimes seems as if our bodies are rioting and our brains have given up altogether? The award-winning series Body Story reveals the biological drama behind six critical moments in human lives. Like all healthy babies, Robert has come kicking and screaming into the world with only half a brain. He’s totally helpless – he can’t even see or hear properly. Body Story joins Robert for the first four months of his life, using computer graphics to take us deep inside his head, where an army of brain cells are completing a massive construction project. If all goes to plan, they will give him control of his body and ultimately allow him to reach out into the world around him.