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Overview of site management and site activities
SI units, electrical variables and conversion factors, Dimensional equations
sub-transient, transient and conversion factors, Dimensional equations
sinusoidal AC supply, 3 Phase AC systems, neutral Earthing (grounding), equipment earrhing, station Earthing system
electromagnetic energy phenomena and materials for electrical equipment’s
system voltage levels, voltage variation and voltage control
safety management
power quality, testing of plant and equipment
energy and Power plants, renewable and conventional
a.C. Transmission, HVDC transmission ; National grid of India
distribution system (urban, rural, industrial, residential)
substations, equipment and Busbar systems
power cables
auxiliary supply systems ; storage battery systems ; ups in Electrical plants
primary cells, storage batteries, charging ; maintenance
fuel cells, fuels and fuel cell power plants
power Transformer, distribution Transformer and special transformers
Current transformers
voltage transformers
switchgear, circuit-breakers, contactors, metal clad switchgear, GIS
rotary machines
degree of protection, cooling systems, enclosure and ratings of industrial rotating electrical machines
installation and commissioning of Induction motors and rotating electrical machines
storage, Civil works, installation and checks
site testing and Checking
care, serving and maintenance of motors
maintenance management of rotating machines and epmp
synchronous Generator and synchronous motor
commissioning of synchronous generators
testing of synchronous machines
3-phase Induction motors
testing of Induction motors
single Phase AC motors
AC commutator motors and special motors
power electronics
electrical transportation and traction motors
pumps, fans, blowers and compressors
ventilation, air-conditioning and Refrigeration
domestic installation and home Appliances
arc welding
electrical systems in ships and aircrafts
illumination engineering
Electrochemistry and electrometallurgy
ISO 9000, bvqi and field quality
information Technology), applications in Electrical systems and plants
reliability, availability.