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Piya and her friends visit Palghar, a small town in Thane’s district. Rosegad is one of the eminent hotels in Palghar. However, it’s famous for all dopey causes. The local people of Palghar claim Rosegad as a ghostly hotel. It is very rare when anyone visits that hotel due to the scary stories that is now well-known in Palghar.

However, the staffs of hotel scrap this news and claim as a rumour circulated by their competitors.

The reality is, whoever tourists once visit the hotel, would never go back to their home. Piya and her friends have risked staying in this place.

Nobody knows that the hotel staffs are ghosts, and the ghost leader is a handsome prince who murdered them, once upon a time.

The truth will be exposed in front of Piya and her friends? Can they survive in this hotel?

Piya and the handsome prince soon will be in front of each other. Would he slaughter her or a new love story of a ghost is about to begin?

Find it out…

Character Sketch

Friends Group

Piya Dobriyal: Twenty-three years old, Piya is a very daredevil girl. She has always fantasized of getting hitched to a royal prince. Her fantasy turns true when she visits Palghar with her friends for an adventurous trip. She comes to know the owner of the hotel belongs to the royal family.

Piya never supported in the existence of ghost, so she decides to stay in the same hotel, which is said to be by local people as a haunted hotel.

The unknown events took place by the nighttime. The hotel appeared beautiful in the daytime, seemed worsened and misery for her. The remarks said by the local people instantaneously flicked her thoughts.

She encounters with the royal prince same night and briskly gets captivated in his charm. His grand welcoming melted her heart, but as soon as she sights his real face, the horror rose through her body. He imposes her to play a game with him that will grant her a life, if she wins and death if she loses. However, every word he utters has a cryptic mystery where the life and the death come together for her. She has to choose one.

The life will make all her wishes come true with a cost of losing everybody she loved. The death will be hell, but has hidden mysteries too.

Misha Walia: Twenty-three years old, Misha Walia is a best friend of Piya. Misha is the only girl in her friends group, who is not terrified of anything, not even ghost. She was the one who spurred her boyfriend, Kabir to book a journey to Palghar. However, she has no clue this trip is going to bring misfortune in her life.

Kabir Singh Rathod: Twenty-four years old, Kabir Rathod is a best friend of Piya and boyfriend to Misha Walia. He is a fun-loving guy and very much protective for Misha. This supernatural hotel brings Kabir more closely to the realism of ghosts, and so he is forced to believe in their existence.

Ruhi Juneja: Twenty-three years old, Ruhi Juneja is a best friend of Piya, Misha, and Kabir. She believes in ghost and is terrified to visit the haunted hotel. She is the first girl from the friends group who eyewitnesses the staff as ghosts and now her existence is in danger. She informs her boyfriend Angad and her other friend’s reality about these staff people, but no one supports her, except her boyfriend Angad.

Angad Ahluwalia: Twenty-four years old, Angad Ahluwalia is a best friend of Piya, Misha and Kabir. He believes Ruhi that makes him worries for her and determines to stay with Ruhi. However, he has no clue that staff possesses a special treatment for Ruhi and Angad.

Will they survive…?

The Raichand’s Family (The Royal Ghost Family)

Abhay Raichand: The only prince of his royal family who was killed long back by his family rivals, and now has come from the other side with his family. When he was youth, he was unmarried, and he had never been in love, due to his loathing towards humans. He only kills youthful female mortals as their soul gives him a lifeline to live for more years.

The moment he sees Piya, his ghostly heart melts, and he feels drawn towards her. Somehow, his focus causes instability because she is a human, and he hates them.

He decides to play a game with her, the same way as he always engaged with all humans. However, with this human girl, it was unusual. This game will help him to decide his fate, and it will release all his confusion.

His games are dangerous for mortals as he torments people and kills them slowly.

Nevertheless, his ghostly heart is not willing to do same thing for Piya.

Will he murder or love her to the core…?

Hasina Raichand: A royal queen and mother of Prince Abhay Raichand. Her strength is based on younger guy’s soul. She kills young boys and takes away their soul as it gives a lifeline to live for more years. She looks like a model, and it is very easy for her to attract younger boys.

Her newest target is Angad and Kabir. However, her son doesn’t allow to take their soul as he has intensely got drawn towards Piya, and he knows her friends are dear to her.

Hasina despises Piya for taking her son away. However, she is aware Abhay will eternally remain her son, no matter whoever comes into his life.

Until, Abhay doesn’t take a decision to slay or give life to Piya, Hasina has to wait for murdering her target.

Chand Raichand: He is the most powerful king, husband of Hasina and father of Abhay Raichand. His lifeline is not counted on any young girls or boy’s soul. His victims are secrets. He keeps an eye on his sufferers before killing them. He assaults aged people who have no illnesses and are still healthy. Those elderly people’s souls are clean and innocent. Such souls make him stronger and powerful. That is why he is the king and knows clever methods to assassinate his victims.

The moment these new human beings came to his hotel. His plans missed knocking the target.

As he plans to go out of the hotel, Abhay stops him.

The Dobriyal’s Family

Madhu Dobriyal: An anxious and overprotective mother of Piya Dobriyal. Though, she gave consent to go to Palghar, but the news channel that repetitively reported BREAKING NEWS of Palghar’s present condition due to the rain and flood that trolled Palghar. Another BREAKING NEWS flashed about the Rosegad hotel which once again rumoured by the local people who said that recently, young girls and boys visited Rosegad, even after many warnings. She tried to contact Piya, but due to the non-coverage area, her worriedness set growing. Her only hope was the CBI officer who decides to visit Palghar.

Arnab Dobriyal: He is the father of Piya Dobriyal. His only daughter Piya’s life is in jeopardy. He thinks that when his wife, and the news channel shaken him. He urges CBI officer Jeh Khurana to take this case and investigate the realism of the haunted hotel.

The Khurana’s Family

Jeh Khurana: Twenty-five years old, Jeh Khurana is a CBI officer. He investigates the case of a haunted hotel that has been in news for many months now. Few tourists who visited that hotel never came back. This case became a mystery for him.

However, Arnab Dobriyal urged Jeh’s mother, so he arrives to find the realism and get Arnab’s daughter back.

As soon as he encounters with Piya, he notices her distinctive from other girls and seems a drawing power close to her. He becomes protective for Piya and Abhay doesn’t like this. Abhay attempted to hurt Jeh, but his power doesn’t succeed on him. Jeh sensed unusual that he and his family were not able to injure him, due to which Abhay gets furious and ends up assaulting one of his staff members.

Jeh didn’t realize why Abhay’s power was not working on him.

He has no clue that he is not what he thinks, he is. There is a mystery about him hidden by his family.

Jeh unknowingly becomes caught up in the dangerous game of Abhay Raichand to guard Piya Dobriyal from Abhay and his trick.

Will Jeh get victory or end up getting heartbroken…?

Dipanita Khurana: She is the mother of Jeh Khurana and a new friend of Dobriyal’s. Only for his mother, Jeh decides to visit Palghar as Arnab Dobriyal insisted Dipanita to talk with Jeh in favour of handling this case. However, she has no idea that The Raichand’s are the owners of Rosegad Hotel. Even so, she can Intuit that her son is in jeopardy and unknowingly Jeh has noticed that he is unusual from other humans. She has no option, except going to Palghar to combat with The Raichand’s and tell Jeh about his real entity.

Neel Khurana: He is the elder brother of Jeh Khurana and son of Dipanita Khurana. He knows the truth about family and his entity. However, he covers up from Jeh, just for his mom, who didn’t want Jeh to realize that he is one of the influential ghost-slayer, and his power can kill any spirits. Neil understands Jeh is not going to like this that he is not human, but a slayer whose aim is to eliminate a ghost from the human’s world.

After knowing the truth from Dipanita that Jeh is in jeopardy, and he has no clue how to use power against Raichand, he and his sister determined to drive Palghar, along with his mom.

Alina Khurana: She is the most superfluous slayer in family. Her power is fiercer like Jeh, but destructive for family. Her mother is aware if Alina cannot activate her power thrice on ghost, it will reverse on her family, due to which she is a superfluous slayer. It aches that her power can kill family members, so she uses them cautiously.

The moment has come when she has to use her power on Raichand’s to protect her own blood-brother Jeh.

Ghost Staff

Danish Singh: The General Manager of Rosegad

Shaurya Chauhan: The Chef of Rosegad

Shankar Menon: The Housekeeper of Rosegad

Siddharth Mehra: The Restaurant Manager of Rosegad

Tanushree Ambolkar: The Receptionist of Rosegad

Mitia Rai: The Housekeeper of Rosegad

Maya Sharma: The Housekeeper of Rosegad

Anita Bai: The Sweeper of Rosegad

Bahadur Shamsher: The Security Guard of Rosegad

Vishambhar Rana: The Gatekeeper of Rosegad

Baba Rehmat Ali: The Gardner of Rosegad

Dr. Ravi Wadhwa: Human doctor who arrived in the hotel for the treatment of Piya Dobriyal, but the circumstances forced him to stay in the hotel. He became the victim of the staff ghost.