My Dear Readers,

Hi there! First of all, I would like to Thank You to be Stumbled onto this page. You just made my day as you are ardent in experiencing My Vivid Universe.

Many of you know me as #renu4u, #Renu #RenuSaher and #RenuCreations .

However, nobody knew that it was just my Pen name or you can say it’s my #PetName .

Are you still wondering what is my Real Name then?

Well! Let me Introduce myself to you. I am Disha Kamath and this is my Non-Fictional Self.

I am an Aspiring writer. I started my early career in the Year 2006 and now after 14 Years, I decided to Acknowledge my Readers with my Original Title.

I began writing Fan-Fiction based Stories on India-Forums. My most Fan Followers are from serial Pyar kii Ye Ek Kahani . If you are an Abhiya Fan, then you know me very well on India-Forums and Wattpad as abhiya_kapi.

Here you will read all my Stories from 2006 to 2020. There are few stories that I left Incomplete and have decided to Complete by posting all my Chapters here.

My Works

Light Returns To Darkness

Shrapit Shaitan The Curse of Dracula

Vampires True Love – Real or Not

Pyar kii Ye India-Forums ki Kahani

Ghost ki Nayi Prem Kahani

My Scary Dream of Piya Abhay

A Weird Game of Love

PKYEK A Movie A Game: A Challenge

The Vampires Family

Black Bloody Love

2012 The World Ends Here

The First Dirty Game

Love Happened. But…?

My Friend Ghost

Frowning You The Obsessive Tormentor

A Trip To Vampires House

Love Ka Tadka

This time I will not be dangling to update my stories as each New Chapter would be Uploaded on this Website.

Good News! I will also be putting AudioBooks intended for my Stories so that you can even hear them. It’s Available Free.

Soon, I will also be shooting small YouTube Videos for announcing Product Reviews that I invest in. You will furthermore come to know which products are Right and Trustworthy to buy Online.

Thank You for being my Loyal Fan. It means alot.

Signing Off!

Yours Faithfully,Disha Kamath