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He placed a bet on winning her heart, but he ended up losing his own…

When Marina Parker arrives in England from the New World, she has to get used to the pointed stares and whispered rumors about her. But she does not care about anything they throw their way, as she has only one goal: to start her own shop as a seamstress, just like the one she used to run with her parents back home.

Both Jeremy Herrington and his friend Matthew are fascinated by the beautiful American girl and as genuine rakes and teases, they place a bet on winning her heart.

But Jeremy and Marina’s first meeting will set off a change in the charming Baron’s heart and he will soon come to regret the reckless actions of his past. Soon the bet will be nothing but a childish memory…

Secrets have a tendency not to remain hidden for long, though, especially when their reveal serves the ones that wish to harm them…

*If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Betting on the Baron’s Love”!

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