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Phoebe Thrup is the alluring maid at Rainswood Estate. Accomplished in her skills, she’s unaware of the real reason that the Dowager Duchess of Thornton has brought her to work at the estate. Although her days are filled with duty and friendship, Phoebe cannot possibly see herself ever exceeding her station and fulfilling her passionate dreams. However, she can’t even begin to imagine what fate has in store for her… That is until she lays eyes on the most tempting Duke she has ever met. Will Phoebe allow a socially forbidden love bloom or will she be wise enough to bury it deep in the ground?

Lord Adam Rutledge returns from the war in the Americas as the Duke of Thornton, due to his father passing while he served. Although he is not wounded in body, it is needless to say he is wounded in the mind and heart. Returning to Rainswood and fulfilling his new title is not a task that he relishes, nor does he tolerate the continued pressure from the Dowager to marry. All of her pleading to find a girl of status, falls on deaf ears just as soon as Adam beholds the scandalous maid with the indelible spirit. Could Adam sacrifice his duty and ignore his titled status in the name of undeniable passion and love?

Full of twists and turns, heated chemistry and some humorous wit, the electrifying connection between Phoebe and Adam is unquestionable. The conundrum? He cannot take a lowly -yet very enticing- wife and on top of that, the headstrong Phoebe refuses to be his mistress. Putting aside all the trials and tribulations, one thing is clear; money and status have nothing to do with flaming desire. However, both Phoebe and Adam must ask themselves an urging question; Is it true love or merely a lustful caprice? Are their feelings powerful enough to overshadow every threatening barrier in their way?

“A Duke’s Seductive Muse” is a historical romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.