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Take charge of your finances today! Be Your Financial Advisor gives young adults a step-by-step guide to plan for the life they want to live. This book was written during the coronavirus pandemic when millions of people were laid off and the economic outlook was uncertain. The author, Quang Nguyen, saw this as an opportunity to educate people, especially young adults, on timeless financial principles. These financial principles will ensure that you have the best chance of reaching any financial goal that you set for yourself.

Together we’ll explore:
• How to make reaching your goals inevitable
• Building a bulletproof financial outlook
• Investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, index funds, etc.
• Taxation of financial vehicles & retirement vehicles
• Budgeting & paying yourself first
• Approaching investing with the proper psychology

Come along for the ride! Reading this book will allow you to become your own financial advisor. You will be the expert when it comes to managing your personal finances. This will allow you to feel like you are in complete control of your finances and will ensure that you mitigate any financial stress that may come up down the line.