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Product Description

“Bey Bee” Dry sheet is an agreeable texture tangle with an additional dry layer to counteract bed wetting. Likewise, infant’s skin inhale better, appreciates cottony delicateness, and is kept saturated against rubbing. Give your child the opportunity to appreciate continuous rest for longer period. “Bey Bee” dry sheets keep different fluids from going down and dry quicker as the texture layer advances the evacuation of water vapor. It enables dampness to go through, along these lines offering solace to the skin. “Bey Bee” Dry sheet is delicate, spongy and water-proof, along these lines making the tangle usable for babies and grown-up moreover.

Replace discomfort with a relaxing sleep

A comfortable dry sheet for babies preventing bed from getting wet. Give your baby the freedom to enjoy uninterrupted sleep for longer hours. This sheet from Bey Bee is an absorbent, soft & water proof. It stops the urine or any liquid from getting into your mattresses. It dries quickly so you don’t need to change the sheets again & again. Also it hold 8 times water then its weight.

A relaxing sleep for a newly born baby

We all know that new born babies have sensitive skin, 5 times thinner than adult’s skin. So an extra care is needed for them because it is really important to keep them dry and avoid any rashes to their sensitive skin. Bey Bee Dry sheet is a Waterproof protector that makes sure to keep your baby dry and avoid all rashes to keep your kid’s skin clean and keep them away from any germs and bacteria. Give your baby the gift of healthy, natural and soothing sleep with our safe, tried & tested, premium quality, Breathable mattress protector & Dry Sheet.

Now Be Comfortable During Maternity

The most important part of a women’s life is her pregnancy period. It is a very blissful time but at the same time it’s pretty unpredictable, so it is essential for all women to be comfortable. There could be a water break anytime and Bey Bee mattress under pad help women to face this sort of pregnancy problems. This mattress Protector & Dry sheet can be helpful for both the times- before and after pregnancy. It is used as bedding Underpad.

Comfortable For Elderly Patients

Bey Bee – Mattress Protector & Underpad also very useful for adults & elderly patients who are having medical issues. It helps to protect them from bed sores and keeps them dry. Bey Bee Mattress protector keeps your lifestyle healthy and hygienic. The comfortable high quality material of the dry sheet will provide a waterproof barrier to liquids and stains for all ages. It will help your elderly parents to have a comfortable sleep with no doubt about bed wetting.

Advantage of Reusable Dry Sheet / Underpads

• Hold 8 times water than its weight
• 100% Waterproof, Absorbent, Dry Quickly
• Reusable & Durable
• Washable (Machine & Hand)
• Protects against allergies, human skin cells, dust and dander.
• Bacteria FREE & highly hygienic baby dry Sheet.

Environmental Friendly Fabric

• Recyclable & Nature Friendly Fabric
• Natural Colors
• Ideal for Babies / Pregnant Women’s / Elderly Patients
• Natural Colors

About the Startup

Shish Choudhary

Chief Founder / Director / Owner

Describe your products in three words.

Hygienic – Rigorous Tested – One for All

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Bey Bee is a startup working on innovative high quality baby care products. ! Founded by Mr. Shish Kharesiya. Bey Bee is focusing on hygiene related products for the baby care industry. It all started from a serious concern that “How to reduce baby diaper rushes and baby skin problems by avoiding baby diapers in a more hygienic way” for which a solution is created by Bey Bee i.e. our first leading product Dry Sheets! After our First successful product, we ventured deeper into the industry and realized that Bey Bee team can create unique, innovative & world class products for babies easily available for their parents.

What makes your product special?

All Bey Bee products works on commitment of developing high quality baby care products which makes our products safe & hygienically approved for your little ones. We always learn from new technologies and processes and then we adopt new safety measures to provide a perfect and natural product for babies through rigorous product testing.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Being a startup company, what we feel best part about Bey Bee is the understanding of social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of babies. Our emerging research suggests & forces us to create & innovate in all the aspects of the business- be it product development, marketing, safety , purity & many more aspects.

Waterproof breathable dry sheet with ultra-absorbance
Dries faster, no feeling of heat, reusable, absorbent, anti-dust changing mat
Keeps your sheets dry and provides protection against fluids, urine, perspiration, comfortable and noiseless still breathable
Economical and light weight, can be sterilized up to 90 degree C