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If you want to boost your library’s relevancy and support youth learning, consider incorporating connected learning at your library. This book helps you to realize the potential of this exciting and dynamic trend. Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom: it happens everywhere. The connected learning model supports this principle, asserting that young people learn best when their experiences are interest-driven, peer-supported, and rooted in solid academics. Libraries are the perfect environment for this type of learning, providing a place where teens can connect with each other and with adult mentors to engage with learning material and thrive. This book shows you how to cultivate connected learning in your library. You’ll discover what the approach involves, its benefits, and what it can look like in various library settings. You’ll also learn how to generate support for connecting learning within your library; reimagine your spaces and programs to better support connected learning; integrate technology into programs and services to make it accessible to youth; build partnerships with other libraries as well as other organizations; recruit volunteers; and raise community awareness to increase involvement. Evidences the effectiveness of connected learning Shows how connected learning in libraries complements and extends classroom learning Explains how to incorporate connected learning into libraries of all sizes