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It’s not only a box or album but also a gift to your lover, parents or yourself. When closed, the box looks like a gift box and when open, all the sides fall back to reveal a large multi-layered card. You can DIY a magic special photo album or customize it with your own photos and messages, making it a very meaningful handmade gift.

Inside this box, you will find square blocks to place your own selected photos.This Tiny Explosion box amazingly surprised your loved one when he/she open layers one after another until the gifts appears
In center there is tiny acrylic box where you will be able to place gifts like a watch, jewelry,chocolates or anything you wish to gift
The memory last forever with this tiny gift box as you can use it as embellishment to wall or any plain surface
DecuT Lovin Box comes in wooden box, which does includes Tiny lovinbox and envelope with all printable separately so that you can attach as per your preferences