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A cluster of triad stories and facts that endeavor to seize the curiosity of the individuals, the book interprets the essential,central feelings and opinions that are strongly believed by the author and also comprises of two different stories with an engaging perspective. It practices to represent the intellectual, moral and physical qualities of imagination.

The first story apprises about an Indian girl, Anika who is extremely fond of travelling and loves to live and explore independently, in her own distinct ways. Until she meets her first trip to Canada which compelled her to involve in an untold occurrence.

The second segment depicts the author’s experience till now as a young teenager where she tries to ponder and review her thoughts on some basic facts that the youth is struggling through and the things she has been observing till now.

The third story describes the life of a non-city girl, Grace who lives in a quiet, valley of Belgium. Her intellectual behavior speaks about her ethics and morality. She was reluctantly forced to be a part of a deadly event, the Holocaust.