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Lord of Shiva Nataraja The Theft British Museum London 10th Century: Lord Shiva as the God of Dance (Indian Great God Hinduism Books)

Theft of the Madras Siva The Museum of Indian Art 10th Century Shiva as Lord of the Dance Nataraja: London Police Detective Impossible Theft Murder Mysteries Short stories (The book contains 2 separate Novellas)

The Significance of Lord Shiva’s Dance. The art of medieval India like the art of medieval Europe was primarily in of the 11th-century bronze Shiva Nataraja in the Madras Museum around 1915.

The impossible crimes are explained well in a very entertaining story with strong characters and humorous touches as well as mysteries to solve. a woman is murdered by a man who can turn into escape through a fifth-floor window in the side of a building with footholds. the suspected since the woman was in his locked dressing room. the murder of a police detective in his office. The theft of priceless artifacts under the nose of witnesses and further deaths.