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On The Run With Fotikchand (Classic Adventures) features an adventure that takes you through the dangerous and colourful streets of Kolkata. The story is filled with action at every moment and revolves around Bablu, an eleven-year old boy who is kidnapped by four goons. As the goons are trying to escape from the crime scene, they meet with an accident. In the accident, the boy loses consciousness and two of the goons lose their lives.

In On The Run With Fotikchand (Classic Adventures), the two kidnappers who survive run away, leaving behind Bablu as they think that the boy is dead as well. After sometime, Bablu regains consciousness and finds out that he does not remember anything about his past. He keeps wandering here and there and finally meets Harun, who is a street juggler. The two become good friends and Harun helps Bablu out by introducing him to new life. Bablu is now given a new name, Fotik and he starts working at a tea shop. In the evening time, he helps Harun with his street shows. Life is going on smoothly, until one day, everything comes apart. On The Run Fotikchand (Classic Adventures) was written by Satyajit Ray and translated by Gopa Majumdar. The book was published by Penguin India as a paperback in 2010.

Key Features:

  • The story in the book is filled with twists and turns, which attempt to engage the reader to the very end.