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In this novella the story is about the bhutnaathpur village. raj, sneha, rohit and gaurav they all are bestfriend lives in the same colony and daily at night they goes to garndma house to listen the stories. The garndma tolds the storie about the bhutnathpur many years ago in  bhutnathpur screctly one witch live and stole the children at night  and then kill children for the devil so she can become more powerfull. Then one day all villager and police caugh the witch red handed and hanged her on the pepal tree before death she sayed she will come again to take the revenge. After few days rohit meet a girl on the tinder and he become mad for her then all the four friend to go for the camping on bhutnathpur mountain sneha saw that rohit girlfriend drinking animal and human bloood at night she try to make video for proff but video screctly convert into cartoon then rohit girlfriend start killing one by one.