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A story of a troubled woman, a man who loses his way and a child desperate for affection, Something’s Strange About Eve will keep you hooked until the last page.

Eve Hadley has been living at the mental asylum for the longest time, abandoned by her parents. She doesn’t care for the world outside, having nothing to look forward to and learns to live that way when a surprise visit from Richard Vancovhen changes everything, forever.

Eve gets a second chance at life when she experiences love, love for a six-year-old boy, Will Vancovhen, and she finally understands what a real family is like.

But it’s not a smooth passage for Eve as she realizes the closer she gets to this boy, she’s putting him and herself more in danger.

Will their love be enough to hold their family together and mend what once has been annihilated or will they turn against each other, which would make them fight for their very survival?