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Dark secrets. A holy relic. An ancient quest reignited.
Jack Rogan’s discovery of a disturbing old photograph in the ashes of a rural Australian cottage draws the journalist into a dangerous hunt with the ultimate stakes.
The tangled web of clues—including hoards of Nazi gold, hidden Swiss bank accounts, and a long-forgotten mass grave—implicate wealthy banker Sir Eric Newman and lead to a trial with shocking revelations.
A holy relic mysteriously erased from the pages of history is suddenly up for grabs to those willing to sacrifice everything to find it.
Rogan and his companions must follow historical leads through ancient Egypt to the Crusades and the Knights Templar to uncover a secret that could destroy the foundations of the Catholic Church and challenge the history of Christianity itself.
Will Rogan succeed in bringing the dark mystery into the light or will the powers desperately working against him ensure the ancient truths remain buried forever?

THE EMPRESS HOLDS THE KEY is the first standalone thriller in the page-turning Jack Rogan Mysteries Series. If you like high adventure, exotic locations, strong characters and action thrillers with a historical twist, then you’ll love Gabriel Farago’s nail-biting mystery thriller.

What Amazon readers are saying:

★★★★★ Farago’s research is among the best I’ve ever read.

★★★★★ Well written, fast moving story. I couldn’t put it down. It has been a long time since I read all night oblivious to the passing of time.

★★★★★ This book has it all. Templars, Egyptian pharaohs, murderous pursuers, terrorists, fanatics, Nazis and some very tenacious and dedicated historians, journalists, doctors, musicians, heroes, villians and police officers

★★★★★ These books are clean, well-written mysteries incorporating current issues into fast moving classic adventure stories. Purely top-shelf entertainment.

★★★★★ fascinating story that will have you biting your nails, sitting in awed shock and fist bumping as the action and suspense grows with each turning page.

★★★★★ Suspenseful, intrigue with a mix of ancient conspiracies

★★★★★ The character development is careful and deliberate revealing darkness and the depth of human souls.

Prepare for sleep-deprived nights and skipped chores while repeating: “Just one more page.”

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