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Rachel Green, an eminent YouTuber, jolts upright as she sees the
headlines on TV.

“A hundred thousand people want to storm into Area 51.”

She is stunned.

Four years ago, she made videos suggesting that the government of the USA is hiding extraterrestrial beings within the surreptitious borders of United States Air Force Facility, aka Area51.

She is sure that nobody believed her story at that time.
But presently, it seems that the public in America is determined to know what secrets the government is hiding there.

Is it because of my videos?

The thought troubles her, as she contemplates the sudden upheaval of events.

And then, she receives a call. A call, that is not only going to land her into the most secret, the most bizarre science facility located near the mystified borders of Area 51, but also going to turn her world up side down.

Her life is going to change forever.

Thrilling adventures, unsolved mysteries, sinister plots….

….an introductory installment to the Rachel Green series that leaves you spellbound, keeping you on the edge of your seat till the very end.