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A true heart-wrenching tale of love, suspense, mystery, thriller and horror.
Do you believe in the otherworldly?
Do you believe dreams are not just dreams but something else?
Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
Maybe you will be able to answer these questions once you read this book.

There is always a reason as to why we are attracted to certain things or if not an attraction, strange things do happen sometimes. While this may look a normal book from the outside, within is a story more true and real than the events that generally transpire around us. Well, you don’t have to believe me now!
The year is 1972.In a remote village, people were dying mysteriously. Something changed when Rameshwar, the protagonist, visited the old abandoned house.
Day by day weird events started to take place around him.
We generally ignore such events partially due to the reason that they don’t affect us or maybe our definition of weird is different from what is happening. It is up to us to ignore the little effects, but there are some people who always have a knack of getting into issues and finding the root cause of them. Such was the case with him.
What’s more?
Strange recurring dreams became a constant for him, as if trying to tell him something. He is confused. Do they really hold some secret or is it just his subconscious playing tricks with him.
Maybe someone else was responsible for whatever was happening around him, like a person holding a grudge or maybe someone unknown.
He was up for any solution, anything but something or someone wasn’t letting him reach for it.
Find the answers within and experience themes of confusion, anxiety, helplessness, pain, anger, hurt, humour, dilemma, and much more…