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About the book- How do you find sure footing in an increasingly volatile world which has recently found itself caught in an agonizing tornado of problems? How do you keep yourself focused on the goals of life when the society around you transforms all the placeholders in your ladder of a successful life? How do you look at insurmountable problems and assure yourself that you can emerge as a true survivor? There are so many things that may cause you to retract into a shell of safety where you can stay forever without going forward in life. But that shell of safety stops growth and takes away your freedom, limiting you from achieving your goals and becoming the person you aim to be. Through this book, you and I will embark on a journey of self-awareness where you are the priority. A journey that reciprocates with your desire to break away from the fetters of stereotypes which condition us to base our successfulness through the eyes of the society and how others accept or perceive us. Are you ready to unlearn everything that coerces you to live up to others expectations and learn how to put yourself in your own shoes and walk the road to successfulness with your head held high and your mind focused on your happiness. About the author-Devesh Singh is the author behind the novel “You Are THEE PRIORITY”, professionally working as an IT Project Manager with FirstRand Bank at present, an engineer by profession, a motivational speaker and has experienced his inner conscience at its peak. He has addressed the audience as a guest speaker in regards to survival of the fittest in MNC. His enthusiasm is to connect mankind to their own best being by the methods and the practices have been penned down in this book. His work across ecclesiastic disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human experience. Mr. Singh has worked in all mediums of divine and from there itself the sense was commenced of “You Are THEE PRIORITY”.