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Product Description

fevicryl mouldit, air dry resin clayfevicryl mouldit, air dry resin clay

fevicryl mouldit productfevicryl mouldit product

About Fevicryl MouldIt

Fevicryl Mouldit is used to mould and create shapes and 3D works of all art like wall hangings, vases, murals, etc. Get the mold-ability of clay coupled with the binding strength of epoxy resin with Fevicryl Mouldit!A self-hardening product, Mouldit requires no baking and is extremely easy to use. It comes in 2 sizes 800gm bulk pack and 50gm small pack with a shelf life of 12 months. Flex your creative muscles and create your own masterpiece today!

How to Use Fevicryl Mouldit?

Take equal quantities of Mouldit resin clay and epoxy hardener.Mix them together by rolling the mixture between your palms and kneading with fingers. Fold the mixture into half and roll again. Continue the process until the resin and hardener blend together to form a white mixture.Mould it to the desired shape, for a glossy/smooth finish, run a wet finger over the created object before it dries.Let it dry for at least 90 minutes.

Articles Done Using Fevicryl Mouldit

handmade resin clay dolls

handmade resin clay dolls

handmade Art Tray

handmade Art Tray

mixed media art work

mixed media art work

handmade resin clay jewellery

handmade resin clay jewellery

Modelling & Sculpting using Mouldit

The malleability of Fevicryl Mouldit makes it a joy to work with and enables you to use all your favourite modeling techniques to create any desired shape and form.

Home Decor Tray using Mouldit

This real piece of art made is entirely with Mouldit, will stand apart when well-coordinated with the d├ęcor. Embellish the interiors of your home with art that adds a touch of charm to your home decor. Let your personality shine through your artwork!

Mixed Media using Mouldit

Why restrict your art to just a canvas when you can go way beyond it? With Fevicryl Mouldit, you can add a new dimension to your artwork.

Handmade Necklace using Mouldit

Create an assortment of intricately designed jewelry items including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and fine 3D mural art at home with Fevicryl Mouldit.

What’s Inside Fevicryl Mouldit?

Inside fevicryl Mouldit pack - epoxy resin base and hardnerInside fevicryl Mouldit pack - epoxy resin base and hardner

What Makes Mouldit So Special?

Non-sticky, Soft and Pliable.Super-fast 90 minute dry time.Absolutely no baking required.Easy to sculpt, paint & embellish.

Note – Mouldit hardens within 90 minutes at 27*C. Do not use on areas coming in contact with flame / high temperature/ edibles/ drinking water. After use wash hands with soap.

Embellish & Set Your Mouldit Art A Class Apart With Other Fevicryl Products

frvicryl product range - acrylic colours, fabric glue & 3D glitter outlinerfrvicryl product range - acrylic colours, fabric glue & 3D glitter outliner

Strong Resin Base – Fevicryl MouldIt comes with a strong art resin epoxy mould base & hardener, which need to be mixed together to get a solid solution. By mixing them together, it’s easier to mould the product to your liking.
Make Many Artworks – This versatile DIY craft material is ideal for doing projects that range from tiny jewellery to large murals, making it a great product for aspiring and professional artists.
Non-sticky nature – This DIY moulding clay kit product is non-sticky in nature, making it easier to work with. It is also soft and pliable, so it becomes easier to mould to your preference and liking.
Ideal Dry time – The setting time is 90 minutes which is perfect for any aspiring artist as it becomes easier to work with for both professionals and amateurs.