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“1. Magbook series deals with the preliminary examinations for civil series.
2. It’s a 2 in 1 series offers advantages of both Magazine and book.
3. The entire syllabus of Indian Economy divided into 17 Chapters.
4. Focuses on the Topics and Trends of question asked in Previous Years’ Questions.
5. Offers Chapterwise Practice and well detailed explanations the previous Years’ questions.
6. More than 3000 MCQs for the revision of the topics.
7. 5 Practice sets and 2 Previous Years solved Papers sets for thorough practice.
8. The book uses easy language for quick understanding.

Preparing for the examinations like UPSC, State PCS or any other civil Services papers students need to have a comprehensive, complete and concrete knowledge about their subjects from the point of view exam.

Arihant MAGBOOK Series is a must for Civil Services (Pre) Examination State PCS & Other Comprehensive Examinations. It’s a 2 in 1 series that provides all the study material in concise and brief manner offering unique advantage of both Magazines and Books. It comprehensively covers the syllabus of General Studies portion of the UPSC and State PCS Preliminary Examination.

The current edition of “Magbook Indian Economy” covers every topic of Economics in this book. The whole syllabus has been divided into 17 chapters in this book. It focuses on the Topics and Trends of questions which are asked in previous Years’ Civil Services Examinations, further it provides Chapterwise practice of the questions that build self confidence and Skill Adaption in the candidates and lastly it offers detailed explanations of Previous Years’ Civil Services examination in a easy language for quick understanding. Apart from Topical coverage and Previous Years’ Question, this book also focuses on practice by providing with more than 3000 MCQs and 5 Practice Sets that help students to know latest pattern of the paper as well as its difficulty level. This book is a must for the civil services aspirants as it help them to move a step ahead towards their aim.


Introduction to Economics, National Income, Economic Growth and Development, Economic Planning of India, Money and Banking, Inflation, Public Finance, India’s Balance of Payments, India’s Foreign Trade, Demographic Profile of India, Agriculture, India Industry, Services Sector, Infrastructure, Poverty and Unemployment, Government Schemes and Programmes, International Financial and Economic Organization, Economic Survey 2019-2020, Union Budget 2020-21, Practice Sets (1-5), Previous Years’ Solved Papers Set 1, Previous Years’ Solved Papers Set 2.”