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std.10 is an important year in a student’s academic life because it decides which college the student gets admission to. Scoring a high Percentage of marks has, therefore, become necessary for the students. Generations have now accepted that scoring well in any exam requires the student to practice writing model exam papers to ensure that they gain confidence to face the real exam. ssc 53 question papers & activity sheets with solutions is the ideal book for every student of std. 10 to gain the required confidence for their upcoming Board exam by way of practicing the model Papers given in this book.The year 2020 poses a never-seen-before challenge to students wherein physical classes have not taken place for a major part of the year due to the pandemic. At such time, this book will offer the students an for their exams.The model Papers given in the book are and prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board.the book includes: 5 model Papers each for the subjects of English, Hindi lokbharati, Marathi aksharbharati, Mathematics I & II, Science & technology – I & II, history and Geography. solutions to all the model Papers out of which solution for 1 Set of papers is given in the book whereas the solution for the remaining 4 sets is provided through quill – The Padhai app, our own mobile application. (Qr code is provided on the first page of the book to help you download the application). detailed analysis of the question paper for better understanding of the evaluation format. march 2020 Board Exam paper along with solutions for the subjects included in this book. The solution is provided through quill – The Padhai app. ‘notes’ section, at relevant places, to assist in framing accurate answers.