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PART-I ANALYSIS OF BUSINESS SITUATION (Fifteen Passages with Explanatory Answers) PART-II READING COMPREHENSION (Practice Exercises with Answers) PART-III MATHEMATICS (Problems with Detailed Answers) Number Systems Simplifications H.C.F. and L.C.M. of Numbers Averages Percentage Ratio and Proportion Problems based on ages Simple Interest Compound Interest Time and Work Pipes and Cisterns Mensuration Algebra Progression Logarithms Permutations and Combinations Trignometry Theoretical Geometry Calculus Probability Shares and Debentures General Banking Facilities PART-IV DATA SUFFICIENCY (Problems with Detailed Answers) PART-V ENGLISH GRAMMAR (English Grammar and Sentence Construction – A Brief Study) Objective Type Previous Years (2002 – 2019) Examination Solved Papers