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Themes in Indian History Part-I is a must-have textbook for anyone who is a part of class 12. It has been published by NCERT and closely follows the syllabus that has been laid out by the CBSE. Besides, it contains fluid English, which makes it simple for any student to understand. Contents of this book: Theme1: Bricks, Beads and Bones Theme2: Kings, Farmers and Towns Theme3: Kinship, Caste and Class Theme4: Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings Salient Features of this Textbook: 1. The chapters have been divided into subsections, which will help the young minds to learn every detail of an era. 2. It helps the students to learn the emergence of the modern society from a mere beginning of Harappan civilization, travelling through different colonial reigns and ending into a modern India. 3. Exercises at the end of each chapter help the student to evaluate their own knowledge base.