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The ‘Classic Texts Series’ is the only of its kind selection of classic pieces of work that started off as bestseller and continues to be the bestseller even today. These classic texts have been designed so as to work as elementary textbooks which play a crucial role in building the concepts from scratch as in-depth knowledge of concepts is necessary for students preparing for various entrance examinations.

The present textbook on Algebra for Beginnerspresents all the elements of Algebra in a single book meant to work as textbook for the students beginning their preparation of the varied aspects covered under Algebra. The present book has been divided into 27 chapters namely Definitions, Substitutions, Negative Quantities, Addition of Like Terms, Simple Brackets Additions, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Removal & Insertion of Brackets, Revision of Elementary Rules, Simple Equations, Symbolical Expression, Problems Leading to Simple Equations, Highest Common Factor, Lowest Common Multiple of Simple Expressions, Simultaneous Equations, Problems leading to Simultaneous Equations, Involution, Evolution, Resolution into Factors Converse Use of Factors, Highest  Common Factor of Compound Expressions, Multiplication & Division of Fractions, Lowest Common Multiple of Compound Expressions, Addition & Subtraction of Fractions, Miscellaneous Fractions, Harder Equations, Harder Problems, Quadratic Equations, Problems Leading to Quadratic Equations and Ratio & Proportion, each subdivided into number of topics. Both the theoretical text as well as examples have been treated minutely which will help in better understanding of the concepts covered in the book. Each chapter begins with an introductory sketch with theoretical content followed by large number of examples which will help in on the stop understanding of the concepts discussed in the theoretical content. At the end of each chapter, unsolved practice exercises have also been provided for thorough practice of the concepts covered in the chapter. All the relevant theorems covered under the syllabi of Algebra have also been covered in the detail in this book.

As the book covers the whole syllabi of Algebra in detail along with ample number of solved as well as unsolved examples, it for sure will help the students perfect the varied concepts covered under the Algebra section.