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Congratulations on picking up the nation wide best seller book on cloze test. The treatise Neon Cloze Test is an unprecedented book and a must have one for all those who dream about getting through the SSC (CGL), CPO and Bank PO Exams but are totally at a loss about ‘How to solve a cloze Test’ This book gives you a clear understanding of the concepts of cloze Test and helps you to find out the patterns and techniques that indicate the right option. The book comprises 50 cloze tests, that have been taken from previous years paper, with detailed analysis in English as well as Hindi which enhances the lucidity of the book. ten golden steps propounded by the author are more than sufficient to solve each and every question of any Cloze test. The meticulous explanation of every concept leaves no place for doubt and you have a crystal clear vision and understanding of all the riddles of grammar and vocabulary. After years of hard work and perseverance, the author Manisha Bansal ma’am has crafted this amazing book which has been declared the best selling book on cloze Test. Cloze Test has remained the Achilles’s heel of even the most intelligent students but once you complete this book, you can pass through the labyrinth of cloze test like a cake walk. The book not only trains you to find the right option, it also makes you identify the wrong ones and that’s really something that none other bothered to do. Moreover the glossary of collocation, vocabulary points and detailed analysis of the passages are icing on the cake so ensure that you have a copy of this invaluable book before you yourself venture in the realm of SSC (CGL), CPO and Bank PO exams. For more such success-oriented matter follow us on Facebook by hitting like on neon classes or visit our website www.neonclasses. Subscribe our YouTube channel Neon classes where you will find none other than Manisha Bansal Ma’am and Raja sir teaching in person along with their fabulous team. Stay tuned.