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This book provides a pool of application- based Questions along with detailed solutions on the subject environment which are strictly in line with the pattern and standard of the UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination. The questions are created to offer multiple dimensions to aspirants on a single topic. Each question has been designed to thoroughly test the knowledge and the ability of the aspirants so that they can apply basic concepts and arrive at the most suitable from diverse set of options. It follows a unique three-step approach: step 1: begins with UPSC CSE (Prelims) previous year objective questions along with the answers and explanations. This gives the students a fair idea of the type of questions asked in the UPSC along with the conceptual clarity and facts related to the topic in the question. Step 2: Consists of expected UPSC objective Question created through predictive analysis based on the content and pattern of the questions asked in the previous years. The aspirants can first attempt these questions to ignite their thought process before getting on to step 3. Step 3: answer key to the expected UPSC questions in step 2 along with brief explanations which will add upon to the existing knowledge base of the candidate. The book comprises of seven units namely- current Affairs comprising of 100 questions with detailed explanation; concepts in ecology; biodiversity; pollution; climate change; sustainable development with special focus on sustainable Agriculture and disaster Management. The edition also consists of 2020 solved Prelim questions in detail. To help students develop the current thought process, detailed explanations for all the questions have also been given. To add, the book consists of online supplementary link for monthly mock test questions with detailed explanations.