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Rhythm is quality every person carries within himself. Just like the ‘lubdub’ of the heart it emotes one and gives life. Indian Ethnic Percussion Instruments share a similar story, one that of expressing feelings. Centuries ago, to express emotions amn sculpted them to instruments giving it a tangible existance. Credits have to be given to people who demystified them and introduced them into popular music. 1) Gadasingari : A Clay pot with a drum head as its lid can contain water, buttermilk, Toddy and Music. MUSIC ! Yes it does. The Flavor of the music from this pot drum is a delicacy in Indian Film Music. 2) Udukai : An Exorcist’s Dream and a Devil’s nightmare, the udukai is not for the weak hearted. It can chill your spine, distrub your neurons and derail your thoughts so BEWARE 3) Dandiya : Any Festival in "India" is incomplete without a "Dandiya" Played by an ensemble of drummers the Dandiya is sure to create the mood of the hour. Let’s celebrate.