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There are numberous legends surrounding Lord Shiva and his powers. The Dancing God Shiva : Om Namah Shivaya depicts a few popular stories…intertwined with foot tapping music and devotional hymns…. King Daksha performed a yagna and refused to invite his daughter Sati and her husband Lord Shiva. Despite Lord Shiva’s protests Sati insisted on attending the celebration. Daksha, finding her there belittled Shiva before all the Gods present. Sati, anguished by the insults of her absent husband, gave up her physical body. When Lord Shiva heard the new, he was consumed by grief. He let loose his hair freeing Vir Bhadra and asked him to behead King Daksha…the demons destroyed the sacrifice and cut of Daksha’s head. Later he repents and gives Daksha a goat’s head an brings him back to life. As the ocean was churned to withdraw th nectar from it, suddenly the ocean threw up a poison slated to destroy all the creatures on earth. The Gods, afraid, withdrew, all except Lord Shiva, who gallantly drank the poison to save humanity. Parvati, alarmed for his life, leapt forward and held his throat, thus preventing the poison from being swallowed. The poison stuck in his throat, thus giving it a blue colour and a new name for his – Nilakanth, The Blue Throated.