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Unique features of the book exam day strategy RBI officers grade ‘B’ exam computer based test (CBE) how to access videos installed the app? Let’s get you started: section–1: Paper-I: economic and social Issues and paper-iii: finance and management Chapter 1: growth and development Chapter 2: National Income Chapter 3: poverty alleviation and employment generation Chapter 4: sustainable development and Environmental issue Chapter 5: economic reforms in India Chapter 6: monetary and Fiscal Policy Chapter 7: liberalisation, Privatisation and globalisation Chapter 8: economic planning Chapter 9: balance of Payments Chapter 10: International economic institutions Chapter 11: Social structures in India Chapter 12: demographic trends in India Chapter 13: Social movements in India Chapter 14: Indian political system Chapter 15: Human development in India Chapter 16: Indian financial System and Banking Chapter 17: The Indian financial market Chapter 18: Union Budget Chapter 19: inflation and deflation Chapter 20: Fundamentals of management Chapter 21: organisation structure Chapter 22: Human Resource Management Chapter 23: communication process Chapter 24: corporate governance questions Bank Sample questions Paper section: Paper II: English (descriptive writing) descriptive writing index–qr codes.