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The book has been fully colored to increase its appeal to the esteemed readers. In our constant endeavour to improvise the book, There has been incorporation of important additions in almost all chapters along with the new section of most recent questions. Important new topics pertaining to recent exam questions (like blood transfusion, genetic diagnosis of disorders, updated who criteria for plasma cell cancers etc.) have been incorporated in this twelfth edition. More than 300 Latest pattern Questions-Answers have been incorporated in this new addition. The question Bank of every br>Chapter has been subdivided into smaller portions. It will help students to solve MCQs after reading the theory of a particular topic of a br>Chapter in this twelfth edition, a lot of diagrams and flowcharts have been added to make learning interesting and easier. Several flow- charts linking clinical and pathological findings have been added in this addition. Several diagrams to understand concepts of diseases have been added in this edition.