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Voltage fluctuations can harm your air conditioner and reduce its life cycle, IFB’s range of digitally controlled voltage stabilizers, stats of the art electricity saving equipment are there to be protect and safeguard your comfort. Unique Features: Aesthetically designed to complement your home appliances and interiors. Wildest voltage ranges, perfectly suited to perform under even the worst input voltage conditions. High or low voltage cutoff to protect connected device from dangerous voltage fluctuations. Electronic overload protection against high current flow. Thermal overload protection against overheating. Digital micro processor controlled circuit works as the brain of the stabilizer. Safety to compressor and electronic circuits through smart time delay system between shutdown and restart. High power efficient prime grade CRGO steroidal transformer.

Material: Metal, Finish: Metallic, Color: White
Item Dimension: 276mm x 97mm x 202mm
Package Contents: 1-Piece Voltage Stabilizer
3 years warranty on product
Capacity: 15A; Working Range: 130~305 Volt
Display: Digital seven segment display