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Rhythm is quality every person carries within himself. Just like the ‘lubdub’ of the heart it emotes one and gives life. Indian Ethnic Percussion Instruments share a similar story, one that of expressing feelings. Centuries ago, to express emotions amn sculpted them to instruments giving it a tangible existance. Credits have to be given to people who demystified them and introduced them into popular music. 1) Urumi : A lions roar can get subduced with a gentle grunt of the urumi. The Urumi is born to Roar, bend, scratch, scream and then strike, all with an ATTITUDE. 2) Pambai : These two cylinders are pure containers of Raw Drum Power. Warning : Do not temper with them as they contain rhythmic patterens and sounds that can even detonate nuclear power. 3)Dhup : Also Known as the Duff in many parts of the world, the Dhup has surely traveled over time and can now tape you to your seat and make your jaw drop in awe with its redoubtable timbre.