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Rhythm is quality every person carries within himself. Just like the ‘lubdub’ of the heart it emotes one and gives life. Indian Ethnic Percussion Instruments share a similar story, one that of expressing feelings. Centuries ago, to express emotions amn sculpted them to instruments giving it a tangible existance. Credits have to be given to people who demystified them and introduced them into popular music. 1) Nagara: The Sound of this Traditional Call drum was the signature music of the Ancient News channels and Broadcast Corporations of the medieval days in India. It sure has travelved a long way since then and is an instrument of Choice for Folk artists. 2) Dukki Tarang : These little drums have beauty with brains. They can get multi dimensional when provoked. Nice and round, in chords they sound. 3) Jamuku : You may not get tickled, but you can’t stop laughing once you hear the jamuku. Careful ! It has a few tricks under its sleeve. All you need is a "Plectrum" to start the Fun. 4) Ek Tar : This unassuming Poor man’s drone can melt your heart and prick your concience if you use this as an accompanying instrument in your prayers to god. "EK TAR" Which means " One String" may employ just one finger to produce a sound but the power of the emotions that follow can move mountains.