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Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MH CET/ MHT CET) is annually conducted by the State Government of Maharashtra for the admission into B.Tech., B. Pharma, Ph.D. and other degree courses of different colleges in Maharashtra. There is no age limit for the candidates to apply for this entrance examination. The best-selling self-study MHT CCET PREP GUIDE MATHEMATICS has been fully updated as per the latest XI and amp; XII syllabus 2019-20. Complete theory has been focused according to Maharashtra text book to build the conceptual understanding of the topics and detailed explanation of the solutions for each question have been provided in this book in a simple language that help students to understand, better, easily and quickly as per the point of the exam. This book has board exam questions and other question papers with 3 level exercises in each chapter, 5 sets mock tests and Previous 2 years’ solved papers [2018 and amp; 2017] which help candidates to know the latest as well as Maharashtrian pattern of the question paper and level of difficulty which held in previous years. Students can also freely attempt 5 Mock Tests online at any time and from anywhere Reason behind this book to targets Maharashtrian Boards syllabus is that this book separately covers class XI and amp; XII syllabus. After preparing from this book candidates can assure their good ranks in the examination and one step ahead towards their carrier. Table of Content Part-I Chapters From Class XI Syllabus: Trigonometric Functions, Trigonometric Function of Compound Angles, Factorization Formulae, Straight Line, Circle and Conics, Sets, Relations And Functions, Probability, Sequences and Series, PART-II CHAPTERS FROM CLASS XII SYLLABUS: Mathematical Logic, Matrices, Trigonometric Functions, Pair of Straight Lines, Vectors, Three Dimensional Geometry, Line, Plane, Linear Programming, Continuity, Differentiation, Applications of Derivatives, Integration, Definite Integrals, Applications of Definite Integrals, Differential Equation, Probability Distribution, Binomial Distribution, Mock Tests 1-5, Solved Paper 2017, Solved Paper 2018, Solved Paper 2019 (Online).