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Hello there, I feel tremendous joy in sharing a very crucial aspect of my life with you. To most, it is simple physical fitness. But to me, it is central to who I am. Because I believe I am merely a vessel, carrying on the purpose of a higher power. This is the same power that guides you and me along the journey we call life. We call this power by many names atma, soul, the mind it is who we are and as our mind rests in our body, it becomes our duty to tend to it with care more so in these stressful times. To keep a positive attitude always, it is important to be at peace with the ‘self’. Mind and body harmony is not a fancy term anymore. It is the only state-of-being that will allow you to forge ahead in the face of the worst that life doles out. It is the only mantra that will ensure that you enjoy everything life presents to you. So think right and do right. Because life, really, is what you make of it and to make the most of life, you need to be fit. Just look around you. The fittest of the fit are not hard to spot. They are always on-the-go. Rarely are they tired or sluggish. Hardly do they sit around waiting for things to happen they go out there and rock and party. Fit people look good and they know it, they feel good and it shows. They think good. Always ready to take on life’s next moment. That’s the magic of exercise. It makes you want to embrace life one hundred percent. In my DVD, let us share this magic together. Welcome to my world. Welcome to 100% Living – Yash Birla.