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Some things are destined to be -- it just takes us a couple of tries

to get there.

- J.R. Ward, Lover Mine


Chapter One


Palghar, ever heard this name? Let me take you to the journey of Palghar. Palghar is greenish village in Thane. The village has farms, palm trees, coconuts and rice cultivation. Blessed with many serene lakes, soft sandy beaches, historical forts, and unique temples like Ram Mandir, Palghar attracts many tourists to its lap.


But… but… but… this place comes with a curse.


Yes, you heard me right.


Never visit this place in rainy season. Most tourists avoid visiting this place in rainy season, because of two reasons.


First: Bad weather.

Second: The haunted village. (The local people don’t come out of their house at nighttime, because they believe ghost has taken over their place and they target their victims at night.)


We don’t know the truth of this village. The local people who rumoured about ghost are alive, but who really experienced ghost in front of them are dead or gone missing.


We have no clues, no hints, just nothing.


All we know is local people warns tourists not to stay in Hotel Rosegad at nighttime.


If anyone has come across the hotel who experienced real ghosts, please contact us at the below number or on our email id.


Reporter Sandeep

Phone number


Email address


Piya’s POV

Mom woh sab dekhna bandh karo.” I screamed at mom when she was busy staring at the television screen and watching that stupid news by giving a fear look.


Piya tumne dekha? Yeh wahi hotel hai na jaha tum log rukoge?” Mom pointed index finger towards television screen and worriedly asked looking behind at me, while she was sitting on the sofa in front of TV.


Mom yeh sab bakwas hai. Inn sab pe yakin mat karo.” I calmly replied.

I was busy packing my bag and mom was dramatically worried about the news that flashed several times now, since morning. I think this newsperson has nothing better to do, except talking about ghost and Palghar.


I heard the thundering sound that was coming from outside. The thundering sound is a sign of rain; surely, it is going to rain now. But, I have to go before it starts raining.


Meri baat suno Piya, mat jaao waha. Agar yeh baat sach nikli toh-” Before she could speak anything else, I just interrupted her.


Mom yeh news channel walo ka kaam hi aisa hai, ghar mai baithe hue logo ko darana. Aur aap se bada example kaun hai iss baat ka ke aap kitni daar gayi hai?” I laughed while conversing with mom.


Meri princess tayar hui ya nahi?” I heard dad saying that, when he entered in hall from the front door. He was in his usual grey coat and grey pant, along with black tie.


My big black backpack was almost ready and I blushed when dad called me princess. Surely, I live like princess and I love the royal treatment I get from my dad.


Arnab meri baat suno woh news-” Dad didn’t allowed mom to talk anything further.


Dad frustratedly said, “tum abhi tak wahi news dekh rahi ho? Kya ho gaya hai tumhe Madhu? News channel bandh karo aur apni beti ko gale laga ke, usse jane doo.


Arnab please, tum toh samjho? Subah se baar-baar wahi news aa raha hai. Ho sakta hai yeh bhagwan ka sanket ho ke Piya ko hum na jaane de?” Mom voiced concerned.


Madhu, Piya aab choti bachi nahi hai aur nahi woh akeli jaa rahi hai. Uss ke dost bhi toh hai saath mai?” Dad groaned.


Haan mom. Aap mera itna fhikar karna bandh karo. Aab toh mai badi ho gayi hoon. Mujhpe thoda bharosa rakho, kuch nahi hoga mujhe.” I hugged mom tightly to throw all her worriedness that was visible on her face.


Piya tumhari packing pura ho gaya hai na?” Dad questioned.


Haan dad. Sab le liya.” I still re-checked everything in my backpack by opening the zip and looked at my clothes, brush, toothpaste, undergarments, and my hair accessories, everything I’d taken.


Sab rakha hai na?” Dad asked casually.


Haan dad. Don’t worry.” I replied smilingly.


Chalo aab niklo. Abhi dupahar hai, sham se pehle tum logo ko pahuchna hoga waha pe.” Dad said again casually.


I nod my head and said, “Haan dad. Don’t worry hum log pahuch jaayenge.


Piya-Piya jaldi aao.” Misha screamed from outside. I heard the horn voice that was coming from Kabir’s open jeep that has no window screen.


Ruhi, Kabir, Misha, and Angad were screaming taking my name and frowning their voice to come out.


I ran towards the closed windows, hidden under beautiful flowery curtains, which were few inches away from the hallway. Since the big windows were transparent, I could see them. I smiled and raised my hand to wait. I hinted them that I’m coming.


Misha was asusual in her blue half-pant above her knees and a tight yellow t-shirt. Ruhi wearing pink short dress, Kabir in his boyish blue tight jeans and masky smudge t-shirt which is dark in color and bit scary tattoo stitched in his front t-shirt. Angad was copycat of Kabir, but his shirt had dolphin tattoo stitched in his front t-shirt.


My dressing sense is totalling different from them. Because I love simple outfits, I was wearing simple blackberry kurti with full-sleeves and black tight jeans.


Mom bye mai chalti hoon.” I hugged mom without allowing her to talk anything further.


Ek baar fhir se soch lo?” Mom said giving a sad look towards my face.


Mom please, abhi kuch mat bolo. Maine soch liya hai. Aur sirf 2 din ki toh baat hai.” I uttered softly.


Theek hai. Pahuchte hi call karna mujhe.” Mom had frustration in her voice. She gave a forced smile and finally allowed me to go.


Tumne apna umbrella liya?” Dad asked when I was busy hugging mom in excitement.


I shook my head and said, “Nahi dad. Windcheater hai mere paas.” I hugged dad, at the end of my talk.


I waved my hand towards mom, dad and before walking out of the house, for the last time I looked behind once again and gave a soft smile by waving my hand again.


Somehow, I wasn’t feeling good to ignore mom’s warning. I know that news unknowingly has put strain in her head. Even though, I don’t believe in all these superstitious things, but my head was not willing to ignore all those false alarm that staying in my brain now.


My ear heard horn sound couple of times, but I was walking so slowly as if I would take several hours to reach towards jeep.


Piya.” Misha screamed loudly.


My body shook in fear and I realised that I’ve not yet reached towards jeep as I was busy thinking about mom and her warning.


It was afternoon, but looking at sky it looks like nighttime. The brightness faded, clouds were hardly visible. Everything simply looked dark as if it’s going to rain heavily and sun was not visible too.


We are going for adventurous trip and I love to do adventures in the rainy season. It is fun and without facing danger, I really cannot overcome from any fear.


Kabir drives his open jeep faster. Ruhi gets scared of fast driving. But Misha, she simply loves it. Since, Kabir is Misha’s boyfriend; he knows how much Misha love fast and rough driving, because she herself is a rough driver. The cracking sound of his rough driving was irritating me, as my body was shaking continuously from left to right.


Angad, Ruhi and I were sitting behind in his jeep. It is a four seater at back.


Kya hua Piya? Maaza nahi aa raha hai tumhe?” Kabir asked looking behind, while driving his jeep.


Maaza kaise aayega? Tumhara driving itna kharab jo hai.” I laughed but my voice was cracking due to his rough driving that made my body danced on the rhythm of his forced driving. The engine of his jeep was roaring continuously and it was irritating me a lot.


Kya yaar Piya. Kabira itna mast drive karta hai aur tu isse kharab driving bolti hai?” Misha said but her voice cracked too, while her body was shaking and she was falling on Kabir’s shoulder.


Misha ki bachi, tujhe toh acha lagega hi. Tu khud bhi toh Kabir ki tarah drive karti hai.” Ruhi loosed angrily. She did not like harsh driving of Kabir.


We all started fighting and arguing with each other but only Kabir made his smart move of not talking, while driving. He was thoroughly enjoying the screams, harsh driving, Misha’s support, our grimacing voice and a lot of fun that we did in our journey.


We were lucky enough that it did not rained that heavily, as I’d expected. Since, I had my windcheater, it protected my kurti, but my jeans, face, hands were wet and I was shivering due to coldness. Nevertheless, it was just not me, Misha and Kabir too faced samething, as me.


However, Angad took his umbrella out from the red gent’s bag and saved Ruhi from getting wet. They both were innocently looking at each other all the time and Angad was taking good chance and grabbed Ruhi’s hand when she was holding umbrella. Their smiles were so pleasant for my eyes that I forgot all my worriedness that mom gave few hours back, in the house.


We were almost on our way to Palghar and all the time my eyes were on Angad and Ruhi. They didn’t blink their eyes even for a second. I saw Ruhi blushing, Angad giving his girly smile.

Finally, they were interrupted by Misha, who is not-so-romantic “Kudi”.


Tum dono ekdusre ko ghurna bandh karo. Mujhe indigestion ho jaayega.” Misha uttered poking her two fingers inside her mouth, touching her tongue and giving a vulgar look by blinking her eyes.

Misha.” I clenched my teeth and slapped on her two fingers.

Ouch! Maara kyun?” Misha teased purposely by caressing her fingers, as if she is caressing her pet.

Rehne de Piya, iss ka toh kaam hi hai jalna aur dusro ko khush na dekhna.” Ruhi uttered giving an angry look by narrowing her eyes and twitching her lips.

Main kyun jalu? Jale mere dushman.” Misha said innocently.

Guys ladai bandh karo. Hum log Palghar pahuch gaye hai.” Kabir said loudly giving a frustration look towards Misha and Ruhi.


Kabira, woh hotel kaha hai?” Misha excitedly asked by putting her one hand on his shoulder.

Kisi ko puchna padega.” Kabir voiced softly.

Tumhe pata nahi hotel kaha pe hai? Tumhare dad ne bataya nahi? Woh toh yaha bahut baar aaye hai na?” Misha asked confusingly.

Dad ne address dia hai. Bas kisi ko puchna padega.” Kabir replied tilting his head towards outside where people were walking.


The unpaved road had several stones on our way, while Kabir was driving his jeep. But he was smart enough to understand that on this stony road, he can’t drive faster. He has to go slow and he stopped when he saw one old man walking in front of his jeep.


He horned twice, the old man was wearing stained shirt that was tore near his shoulder and forearm, and even at his back, a small hole, was visible for my eyes. He was holding a black umbrella in his hand; a stick was tore of his umbrella. He looked like a poor old man. His face was pale, wrinkles on his eyes were visible, white dhoti stained with the mud, his grey light beard and a thick small moustache was visible on his face.


Kabir called that man near the jeep and asked him, “uncle, aap batah sakte hai Rosegad kaha pe hai?” I saw fear on that old man’s face. He reacted scarily just by hearing the hotel name.


He didn’t utter a single word but his jaw was shaking and almost dropped in fear. He decided not to talk and walked away from Kabir’s side.


Kabir, Misha and I screamed at that old man to wait. Misha was more excited to know why that old man decided to walked out. She just hopped from jeep and in rain. She went towards that old man and started talking.


I couldn’t hear anything they were talking. The old man was scared and he was continuously shaking his head. His voice was too low for me to hear. I decided to go towards that old man and hear what they were talking.


Misha: Arey uncle, itna bhav kyun khate ho? Sidhe se batah doo na Rosegad kaha hai?

Old man: Nah.. nahi…. Nahii…. (He was stammering and shook his neck.)


The drops of the rain were continuously falling on all of us and we were wet. The thundering in the sky was still hearable. I knew one thing, it is going to rain heavily and we have to reach hotel fast. But this old man was not ready to tell us the address.


Kabir was still sitting in the jeep, he was frustrated. Angad and Ruhi too came out from their jeep, but Kabir didn’t.

Yaar yeh batane ko tayar hi nahi hai ke Rosegad hotel kaha pe hai.” Misha said furiously while looking at me, Angad and Ruhi.


Hum kisi aur ko puch lete hai?” Ruhi said in sugary voice. She walked towards another old man.

Uncle, Rosegad hotel kaha hai?” Ruhi asked excitedly.

That old man just twitched his lip, shook his head and walked out from her way.


Misha and I laughed at Ruhi. She felt sad that old man simply insulted her by not answering her.


We asked several people but no one was ready to tell us about Rosegad. Everyone in fear. I just didn’t understand why this people were getting scared, especially when they didn’t stayed in that hotel ever. Then why were they scared?


But there was another old man, who saw us and walked towards me. He was walking by bending and looked pale, fearful yet brave old man, who got guts to come towards us and help us.


Aap logo ko yaha koi Rosegad ka patta nahi batayega.” His voice was shaking and was soft too. I don’t know why he said like that, but he directly came towards me and said those words directly to me.


Uncle yaha sab itna ajeeb behave kyun kar rahe hai?” Misha asked frowning.

Kyunki woh jagah aap logo ke liye sahi nahi hai.” Old man again answered shakily. His voice had fear, which was completely hearable.


Misha: Par kyun?

Old man: Kyunki Rosegad bhooto se bhara hai. Waha koi insan nahi rehta hai.


Misha’s mouth widely opened. She asked giving a confused look, “Ek bhi insan nahi hai waha pe? Aise kaise ho sakta hai.


Yeh sach hai beti. Woh hotel hi bhooto ka dhera hai. Waha ek baar jo jata hai, woh wapas nahi laut pata hain.” Man said shakily.


Aap ka matlab hai, waha ek bhi insan nahi hai?” Ruhi voiced sugary.


The old man simply shook his head.


Yeh nahi ho sakta hai.” Kabir finally came out from his jeep. I could see how much frustrated he was.

Kabir continued talking with frustration, “Haan, uncle. Aisa ho hi nahi sakta hai. Mere dad jab bhi yaha aate hai, ussi hotel main rukte hai. Lekin, woh toh zinda hai aur sahi salamat bhi.


Woh isliye kyunki woh din mai waha rehte hai. Puri raat nahi. Agar woh puri raat rehte toh agle din woh ghar nahi laut paate. Aaj unn mai se ek hote.” Old man voiced scarily.


His warning kind-of voice shook my body and I could feel Goosebumps attacked my arms.

Toh theek hai. Agar aisi baat hai toh hum aap ko yakin dila denge ke waha koi bhoot nahi hai. Aap humko hotel ka raasta batah dijiye. Kal subah dekh lena, hum aap ke saamne yahi pe hoge, woh bhi zinda.” Kabir voiced by challenging the old man.


Misha gave her full support to Kabir as she don’t believe in Ghost. But I could see how much scared Ruhi was. Her face was sweating completely and I could see Goosebumps in her arms too.


I pretended to be normal and gave my support to Misha and Kabir.


Dekho, main janta hoon aap log jawan hain aur garam khoon ke naujawan ho. Par apni jaan ko khatre main daalna, pagalpan hai.” Old man voiced normal but I felt he gave us warning.


Aap uss ki fhikar mat kijiye uncle. Sirf hummein itna bataiye ke Rosegad ke liye yaha se kaise jaaye.” Kabir didn’t bothered about old man’s warning. He just ignored the warning and stick to his point.


The lightning started flickering on the sky. As the sound hit my ear, I shook my body. The weather was bad here, the dark sky was visible. I saw the time, it was five p.m. in the evening and still it looked like dark night.


The rain drops fall on the unpaved road and made road muddy. Everything was bad about this road and this weather. I stomped my sandal angrily on the stone and the wetness made my body uncomfortable. My lips were shivering and I just wanted to go in the hotel fast and change my dress.


Theek hain. Main aap logo ko raasta batah deta hoon. Lekin, ho sake toh aaj raat uss hotel main mat rukna.” Old man said by bending his back.


Kyun? Aaj kya khas hai uncle?” Misha asked fanning.

Aaj amavas ki raat hai. Aaj ki raat unn logo ki shakti sab se jada takatwar hota hai. Aise main aap log apne aap ko unn se bacha nahi paayenge.” Old man uttered disappointedly.


Aap ko itna sab kaise pata hai? Aap ka unn se saamna hua tha kya?” I asked worriedly. There was an excitement in my voice and curiosity to know how this old man knows so many things about those ghosts.


He smiled and replied looking at me, “Nahi. Bas suni-sunai baat hai. Hum sab toh raat ke waqt apne ghar main chup jate hai.


Coward!” Kabir murmured.


I angrily looked at Kabir and said, “Tumne aisa kyun kaha?

Kabir whispered in my ear, “Khud toh woh log darpok ki tarah ghar pe baith jate hai aur suni-sunai baaton pe vishwas karte hai.

Toh?” I asked.

Woh logo ko himmat nahi hain sach ka pata lagane ka.” Kabir made fun of old man while whispering in my ear.

Kabir, sab hamari tarah nahi hote hai.” I said laughing.

Pata hai. Isliye toh kaha.” He teased giving hi-five to me.

Uncle chalo, jaldi se batao kaise jana hai Rosegad. Baki sab humpe chod doo.” Kabir said.

Main batah toh dunga. Par ek baar fhir se soch lo aap sab.” Old man said by looking at one-on-one at us.