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Kabir grabbed his mobile from his jeans pocket. He thought to call his dad and inform him about their arrivals. But as soon as he checked his mobile screen. He confusingly stared and said to Misha, “yaar Misha, mere mobile pe network nahin aa raha hai. Zara tumhara dekho toh?

Misha did the samething, grabbed her mobile from her half-pant pocket. She too didn’t received any signal. I tried with mine, Angad and Ruhi with their phones too. But none of our mobiles signal was visible on the screen.

Kabir asked impatiently, “yaha signal kyun nahi pakad raha hai?

Tanushree Ambolkar voice possessed slowly, “Yaha aksar barish ke mausam main signal nahi milta hain sir.

We were worried and not able to understand what to do?

How to contact our family about our arrivals. I’d told my mom that as soon as I reach here, I’ll contact them. I was sure that my mom must have tried my number several times now and must be worried for me.

It was six-fifteen p.m. in the evening and darkness was still visible outside.

Kabir asked Tanushree Ambolkar, “Kya main dad ko call kar sakta hoon?

Tanushree Ambolkar in a possessed voice, “Sorry sir, hamare landline main sirf incoming facilities hain. Outgoing facilities nahi hain.


Kabir, Misha, Angad, Ruhi and I again gave shocking expression.


What kind of hotel is this?


No outgoing? Only incoming?


Kabir angrily said, “Yeh kaisa hotel hain aap ka? Aap log outgoing kaise bandh kar sakte hain?

Tanushree Ambolkar replied by giving a serious look, “Sir, hamare staff kaam ke waqt, apne personal kaam ke liye call na kar sake, isliye outgoing facility nahi rakha hai.


Kabir groaned, “Kis ne aisa rule banaya aap logo ke staff ke liye?

Tanushree Ambolkar fearlessly replied by giving a serious look, “hotel ke malik ne.