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Kabir became frustrated, Misha tried to make him calm, but he just became violent. He slammed on the counter of the table and groaned, “Kaun hai yaha ka malik? Bulao usse? Zara main bhi toh jaan lu, aise kaise outgoing cut kar sakte hai yeh log.” He continued but this time he faced Misha, instead of Tanushree Ambolkar and said, “Ek toh mobile ka signal nahi pakad raha hai, upar se landline ka outgoing nahi chalta hai. Hum calls kare bhi toh kaise?


Misha caressed Kabir’s cheek and hugged him tightly in her arm by saying softly, “Thakur yaar, it’s ok. Itna jada gussa mat ho. I’m sure koi na koi tarika hoga hi hamare parents ko contact karne ka.


Kabir slowly pulls Misha’s hand from his cheek and said in crying tone, “kaise Misha? Kaise? Jab tak signal nahi pakadta hain, tab tak hum kuch nahi kar sakte hain. Upar se yeh barish, rukne ka naam hi nahi le raha hai. Bahar bhi iss waqt nahi jaa sakte hai.


Kabir groaned turning his back towards us and facing Tanushree Ambolkar on her table counter. He said, “Apne malik ko bulao, unn se discuss karna hai iss matter ko.

Tanushree shows calmness on her face and nods her head, “1 minute sir.” She took the receiver and started dialling number. However, she pressed only three buttons.


Tanushree Ambolkar: Hello sir. Suhas Singh Rathod ke bete Kabir Singh Rathod hotel ke malik se milna chahte hai. Aap yaha aa sakte hain?

I saw her while nodding her head, but her eyes were straight still looking without moving, a single inch.


Tanushree Ambolkar: Ok sir. Aap jaldi yaha aa jaayiye.

She hangs the receiver and ends the conversation by saying, “Sir abhi kuch der main aayenge. Aap please intezaar ki jiye.


I heard the sound of shoes that was clicking continuously on the big marble flooring tiles. I saw a tall dark man, who came in front of us in his blood color suit, along with black formal pant. His hair was gelled and clean-shaved face. On his coat, there was a nameplate where it was written, “Danish Singh


He gave a serious look and without smiling, he said slowly in a possessed voice, “Hello sir. I’m Danish Singh. General Manager of Rosegad.” He extended his hand in front of Kabir and Kabir accepted his gesture. They both shook their hands.


Kabir said softly, “I wanted to meet the owner of this hotel. Mujhe ek manager se nahi milna hain.


Danish Sigh: Sir, aap ki jo bhi complaints hain. Mujhe bataiye. Main aap ki complaints ko solve karunga.

Kabir: Tum karoge?

Danish stood straight and nods his head: Jee sir. Problem kya hain?

Kabir: Problem hain phone. Mujhe dad ko call karna hain aur mere mobile ka signal nahi mil raha hai aur aap ke landline main outgoing service nahi hain.

Danish again nods his head: Sir, agar call urgent hain toh main dusre jagah se call karwa ke, aap ka message de sakta hoon.

Kabir: Mujhe message nahi dena hai. Mujhe khud dad se baat karna hai.

Danish: I’m sorry sir. Par jaha pe hamara dusra telephone hain. Waha mere ya hotel ke malik ke alava aur koi nahi jaa sakta hain.

Kabir: Dekho mujhe tumhare malik se baat karna hain. Unn se kaho, main Kabir Singh Rathod, unn se baat karna chahta hoon.

Danish: Sorry sir. Par malik kisi se milte nahi hain.

Misha frustratedly said, “hum kisi wale main nahi aate hai. Mere boyfriend ke dad ne pura hotel kharida hain, isliye tumhare malik se kaho ke woh humse chup-chap se mile, warna hum yaha se chale jaayenge.” She points forefinger towards Danish and warns him.


Danish bowed and looked towards Misha. Somehow, I felt he didn’t liked Misha’s behaviour. Even though his expression was blank and didn’t reacted, but his dark eyes it was different. When he looked at Misha while bowing, his eyeballs were up; still he managed to look at Misha only.


I felt angriness in his eyes, I have no idea whether Misha really noticed that anger in Danish’s eyes, but I’d noticed the anger.


I just hope no trouble is going to come in our way. Kabir and Misha were very angry. I can understand their feelings, I’ve same feelings. But I can control my anger, but Kabir and Misha, simply can’t.