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Woh sab chodo. Tum log gaye kaha the?” I angrily asked.

Arey woh manager hai na, uss ko kitna bolna pada tab jaa ke convince hua.” Misha frustratedly said.

Kis baat ke liye?” I asked.

Kabir ko uss ke dad se baat karni thi.” Misha casually replied.


Me: Toh baat hui?

Misha: Haan. Woh manager ne finally baat karwa dia.

Me: Aur hotel ka owners?

Misha: Oh haan woh batana bhul gayi.

Me: Kya?

Misha: Kabir jab kamre main aaya tha toh ussne bataya, manager ne owner’s se baat kia toh unko pata chala ki hum kaun hain. Isliye woh logo ne hamare liye khas dinner ka arrangement kia hain.

Me: Khas dinner ka arrangement?

Misha: Haan.

Me: Kya khas hai dinner main? (I laughed while sneezing)

Misha: Arey pagal khas matlab, hum unn logo ke saath dinner karenge.

Me: Hum unn hotel ke malik ke saath dinner karenge?

Misha laughed and replied: Haan re.

Me: Hotel ka malik kaun hain? Kuch pata chala Kabir ko?

Misha: Koi Raichand’s hain. Teen malik hain. Kabir batah raha tha iss hotel ka malik Chand Raichand, malkin Hasina Raichand aur beta Abhay Raichand. Yeh hain iss hotel ke teen malik.


Suddenly, Ruhi halted our discussion by saying in her sugary voice, “Ae Misha woh bhi batana jo Angad ne bataya?


I confusingly stared at Ruhi and then at Misha.


Misha pat on her forehead and said, “Oh haan. Woh toh main bhul hi gayi batana.

I asked her raising my one of the eyebrows, “Kya bhul gayi?

Misha laughed and teased, “Woh manager batah raha tha ke iss hotel ke malik royal family se belong karte hain.


I got excited when I heard royal family. I’d always dreamed to be part of royal family and I was surely excited for the special dinner we will be having with the Raichand’s.


Oh my God!” I over-reacted and continued, “Misha itni important baat tu batana kaise bhul gayi?

Misha teased by singing her own version, “Kya karu oh darling, main hoon aadat se majbur.” I laughed when she sang that line while cuddling my chin.


I again laughed and pushed her hand from my chin, “Bas kar tera gana. Pehle pata hota ke main royal family se milungi toh koi royal kapdo ki shopping karti.


I just looked at my attire; it wasn’t suiting for tonight’s dinner. But Misha easily convinced me by complimenting my kurti and pant. I blushed and agreed to remain in same attire.


Ruhi sat on the bed and called me to sit too. When I sat on the bed, I noticed Misha wearing white tight t-shirt that has Tom and Jerry printed cartoon on her chest, along with brown loosed half-pant.

I remembered, after Ruhi I went inside the bathroom to change my attire. Then when did Misha changed her clothes?


I thought to ask her first, before I talk with Ruhi.


Me: Misha tune kapde kab badle?

Misha blushed: Kabir ke bathroom main.


I looked at her giving a shocking look and broadly opened my mouth

Me: Misha shaadi se pehle hi?

Misha: Chup kar besharam. Aisi gandi soch sirf tere aur Ruhi ke dimag main hi aa sakte hain.

Ruhi: Maine kya kia? Maine toh kuch bhi nahi bola.

Misha: Chup kar. Tere sadyal dimag main kya-kya khichdi pakta hain, pata hai mujhe.


I laughed at Misha’s conversation with Ruhi. She pretended to be innocent and I too pretended to have clean mind about her.


Me: Toh batao na? Kabir ke bathroom main kyun change kia?

Misha: Kyunki tu nahane gayi thi. Aur itna der main intezar nahi kar sakti thi. Kabir ka bathroom free tha. Isliye wahi pe change kia.


I nodded my head by teasing, “Oh!


Misha groaned, “Bas kar Piya ki bachi.


Ruhi laughed and said in a sugary voice, “Yeh toh puri Piya hain. Uss ki bachi thodi hain?


Misha hinted me with her hand that Ruhi is half-crack. She teased pulling her tongue out and said, “Haan Ruhi devi. Yeh puri Piya hain.” She joined her hand in front of Ruhi and bowed towards her lap.


Ruhi insisted to talk with her. I agreed and remained mum, until she speaks.


Ruhi: Pata hain Piya, Angad kuch aur bhi bol raha tha.

Me: Kya?

Ruhi: Woh ladka hain na?


I confusingly stared, “Kaun?

Ruhi blushed and replied, “Abhay Raichand.


I remembered his name; Misha did take his name earlier while introducing the royal family.


Me: Kya hua usse?

Ruhi: Arey buddhu, usse kuch nahi hua. Pata hai Angad keh raha tha woh bachelor hain.


My heart suddenly started jumping; I don’t know why I felt so much excitement to hear that Abhay is a bachelor. Somehow, I already started imagining myself with him. But a deep sadness broke my heart and I felt weak, when Ruhi continued with her talk.


Ruhi: Angad batah raha tha woh Abhay Raichand kisi se baat nahi karta hain. Thoda reserved hain.


At that moment, I wished to have that quality in me too. But thinking about royal family itself makes me feel so excited that I couldn’t think anything else, except being part of that royal family.


Me: Itna sab manager ne kyun bataya Kabir aur Angad ko?

Misha interrupted Ruhi and taunted, “kyunki woh log time ke punctual hain. Aur unn ke saath dinner karna hain toh unn ke hisab se hi chalna hoga.




Oh no! I felt heart-broken again. I’m so much opposite of it. I’ve never been punctual in anything. Not even during my exam times. I don’t know how I would face them.


If I become late, my impression would downgrade in front of their eyes.


I asked softly, “dinner kitna baje hain?


Misha looked in her wristwatch and replied, “nine-thirty ko.


I sneezed and suddenly my tongue slipped and I uttered, “Oh no!