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Misha: Kya hua?

Me: Sirf 2 ghanta?

Misha: Haan toh?

Me: Bahut kam waqt hain.

Misha: Tujhe kya princess ban ke jana hain?


I wish I could tell her that I really wanted to look like princess. But when Misha said I look good in this attire. I thought not to change it. But my mind is so much flexible that it keeps on changing. Especially, when I came to know that they are punctual then definitely they even must have rules about their family traditions and values.


That means, attires must be part of rules too?


I urge to buy new clothes for me. But where should I go? These villagers don’t even come out in the night plus it’s raining so heavily outside that I don’t think I could go for shopping now.


My brain was currently in a confused state and I could not understand what to do and what not to do.


Misha halted my thoughts and said, “Oye? Kis duniya main kho gayi?


I raised my head to look up at her, she was standing in front of me and I was sitting on the bed with Ruhi.


I rubbed my temples and said, “Main soch rahi thi ke shopping jaau ke nahi jaau.


Ruhi looked at me by opening her mouth broadly.


Misha looked down at me and said, “Pagal ho gayi hain kya? Ek toh pehle se bimar hain, upar se itne barish main kaun sa shop open hoga jo to shopping karegi?” She laughed at the end.


Yaar maazak chod na. Hum royal logo se milne jaa rahe hain. Aise main hamara kapda thodi match karega unn ke kapdo ke saath?” I said sadly by twitching my lip.


Tera rishta pakka karne nahi jaa rahe hain. Sirf dinner ke liye jaa rahe hain. Tu jaisi hain, waisi achi hain. Tujhe kisi ke liye bhi badalne ki zarurat nahi hain.” She spit those words on my face by yelling at me.


She was right. I shouldn’t change myself for anyone. But royals does have their own traditions and values. Moreover, if I ever want to be part of such families, today or tomorrow I’ve to follow those traditions and values. Afterall I’ve heard that royal family would never compromise on their family rules.


I heard someone knocking the main door. Misha walked towards the door and opened. A female housekeeper comes in our room with some female clothes in her hand. Her hair rolled in bun style. She was wearing blood color full-sleeves shirt with golden strips near the collar and near her wrist and a black short skirt, above knees. The nameplate visible on her uniform, “Maya Sharma


She gave a serious look towards Misha, Ruhi and me. Her possessed voice was strong just like other staff members. She said slowly, “Malik chahte hain aap log aaj dinner ke liye, yeh kapde pehne.


Misha opened her mouth partly and looked at the fully party gown. She screamed at Maya saying, “Aise bhadde kapde nahi pehnti main.


Maya: Ma’am, malik ne jo kaha hai, aap ko wahi karna hoga.

Misha screamed: Zabardasti hain kya?

Maya: Nahi ma’am. Unn se milna hain toh inhi kapdo main milna hoga.

She pointed forefinger towards the three dresses that she kept on the bed.


By saying this, she just walked out. She wasn’t willing to hear Misha’s defends.


I told Misha to calm down.


Me: Maine toh pehle hi kaha tha woh log royals hain. Unko hamara kapda pasand nahi aayega.

Misha: You hell with it. Main yeh kapde nahi pehungi. Dekhti hoon kaise rokte hain woh log mujhe dinner main aane se.

Me: Yaar Misha aisa mat kar. Yeh kapda bahut acha hain.

Misha: Yuk. Yeh acha hain? Apni puri life main aise kapde nahi pehna hain maine. Itna bada kapda mera pure body ko khujla dega.


Again someone knocked on the door. This time Ruhi opened the door. She smiled and screamed, “Kabir.


Misha frustratedly looked at Kabir and groaned, “Woh ladki mujhe yeh kapde thama ke gayi.” She showed blue long gown to Kabir and yelled at him.


Kabir: Relax Misha. Main yahi batane toh aaya tha. Woh log hummein bhi bow wala black waistcoat aur black pant dia hain pehnne ke liye. Jo puri life main nahi pehna maine.


Misha: Toh tum bhi mat pehno. Hum jo pehne hain wahi pehan ke jaayenge.

Kabir: Nahi yaar Misha. Bahut mushkil se woh log tayar hue hain humse milne.

Misha: Toh kya ehsan kia?

Me: Misha tu Kabir ki baat maan kyun nahi jati hain?

Misha: Tu toh aisa bolegi na? Sab se jada khushi toh tujhe hua hoga woh kapda dekh ke.


When she said that, I actually blushed and looked at the blood color gown. I really wanted to wear that gown. The color was matching with the staff members uniform and somewhat I thought, maybe it’s Abhay’s favorite color too?


Me: Yaar Misha maan jaa na? Please?

I insisted Misha to wear that blue party gown.


We took twenty minutes to convince her and she agreed to wear blue gown, finally.


Kabir went back to his room. At that moment, I was simply staring at the blood gown. It looked so beautiful. I’ve never wore such kind-of dress ever in my life, just like Misha, Ruhi, Kabir and Angad. We all were new for wearing such kind of royal outfits.


My red long gown had small golden dots along with handcrafted embroidery.


Misha’s one shoulder blue bandage bodice sweep gown was plain yet beautiful designed. It is a floor length dress.


Ruhi’s pink pleated gemmed one shoulder gown is a floor length too.


Ruhi and I were excited to wear our new gown. But Misha started frowning all the time when she saw excitement on our face.


We all three started getting ready for the dinner. Even though, Misha wasn’t happy but meeting the Rosegad owner’s became priority for her, just like me.